Progressive Tuition caters for children who need support in their learning or who would like to be extended in any of the following subjects:


Year one to eight

Taught using a combination of phonics and the ‘whole language’ approach used in most New Zealand schools, your child will gain the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful reader through:
  • Exploring how sounds can be written and how words are made
  • Motivating, fun activities, which are used to practise new learning
  • Learning ‘strategies’ for successful, independent reading
  • Practising High Frequency words (beginning readers)
  • Extending vocabulary (fluent readers)
  • Learning and practising skills for answering comprehension questions (fluent readers)


Year one to eight

All aspects of writing are taught and practised, according to the needs of the student. Lessons are planned to target specific goals. Areas covered include:
  • How to plan, write and check writing
  • Develop an understanding of the structure and vocabulary used in specific writing genres
  • Spelling: develop an understanding of spelling patterns and rules, based on Joy Alcock’s ‘Switch on to Spelling’
  • Handwriting instruction and practice: pencil grip, letter formation, linked writing


Year one to six

Your child will learn strategies to solve maths problems and remember essential number knowledge. I mainly follow the ‘Numeracy Project’ lessons, as taught in New Zealand schools.
  • Reinforce strategies learnt at school, filling gaps where necessary
  • Use familiar equipment
  • Number knowledge: develop an understanding of numbers and learn essential number facts
  • Practise skills and knowledge using targeted Maths games and computer activities