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Why have you chosen individual tutoring over classroom teaching?

I have decided that I want to work with individuals so I can focus on the actual learning process targeted to the needs of each child. I enjoy seeing the rapid progress made by the children I teach, which is not so easily achieved in a busy classroom.

How do you keep a child motivated for an hour?

I use incentive charts with younger children, where the child gets to choose a sticker for each task completed. I also develop a structured programme for younger children so they know what to expect, which is reassuring for them.
At the end of the session each child gets to choose a small reward (e.g.: pencil, mini chocolate bar).
A mixture of book-work and other activities keeps the sessions fun, while still being educational

Are there any options open for me if I can’t afford the fees?

Yes! You can pay weekly, rather than paying for a term in advance. You may also be eligible to have fees paid by Mathematics for a Lifetime charitable trust, for which Fiona is an approved tutor. Contact Fiona for more information.

Am I able to see my child’s workbook and discuss their progress with you?

Yes, you are welcome to come in 5 to 10 minutes before the end of your child's session to see their work. For a more in-depth discussion we can make an appointment to discuss your child's progress.

I’m interested in extension work for my child. What can you offer?

As with all of the students I tutor, I would assess your child and then move them on from where they are at. If the child is gifted this would be at a faster pace than with other children. I have successfully tutored students who have a particular goal in mind, such as sitting the ICAS exam or getting into the GATE class at Intermediate.

My child is not keen on after-school lessons. What do you suggest I do?

Some of the younger children I tutor come to me in school time. So, in consultation with your child’s school, this is often a good option.
I have had over 20 years experience in motivating children in a classroom and many of the skills acquired there I have transferred to my sessions. Within the first one or two sessions I am able to find the right approach for each child. Going home with a reward each time is a huge incentive for younger children and older students soon start to see their progress which is very motivating!

I don’t understand the way my child is being taught maths. Can you explain this to me?

Yes, I am fully trained in the ‘Numeracy Project’ which is the approach used in NZ schools, so I can show you the strategies your child is being taught at school.